At Christo’s, we value coffee and so do our customers. Coffee has the ability to enrich life in many ways, from increased health benefits to more socialising, plus the benefit of that morning caffeine kick!


From a health perspective, coffee has been proven to give you more energy, burn fat, contain nutrients and antioxidants, lower your risk of disease and help you live a longer life! Coffee also plays a vital role in many people’s personal and professional lives, acting as a social lubricant – many people will chat with friends or even do business over a coffee.


It’s no secret that Australians love their coffee. With an international reputation for quality, we know a good cup when we taste one. At Christo’s, the importance of quality is top of mind when choosing our ingredients, specifically with our beans. Our choice of coffee beans came from a conscious look into their source, aroma, roast date and roast colour.


Additionally, we also use freshly ground coffee beans. Not only do freshly ground beans produce great aromas and tastes, they’re also packed with antioxidants. In other words, fresh grind = healthier coffee. By doing everything the right way, from freshly roasted beans to a great brewing technique, we can consistently achieve the perfect crema, packed with flavour.


Our baristas pride themselves on their deep understanding of the coffee making process, with their knowledge and experience enabling them to make adjustments in order to maintain quality. Understanding the flow/ timing of the pour and grind size/ dosage allow our staff to make the best cup that no automatic machine could rival!


We also know how to steam your milk to perfection. By using quality milk and the right equipment, the end result is a lighter, creamier and a more flavorsome cup, at the perfect temperature. Both skilled and friendly, our baristas deliver quality coffee with a smile, ready to fuel your coffee addiction. Come down to Christo’s for your next cup today!

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