What actually are smashed patties? Since all our beef burgers are made with them, this is a question we often hear at Christo’s.


After the classic burger patty was created in the early 1900s, it didn’t take chefs long to figure out that pressing down on the meat gave it a better flavour. Since there’s an increased surface area in contact with the pan, this style of griddling gives off a seared, crispy flavour – just what we love serving up here at Christo’s!


In a regular patty, more of the juices are kept in the middle of the burger–meaning it can easily get too dry around the edges, if not cooked with a seasoned touch. We might be a bit biased here, but our regulars agree – smashed patties are the best. Here’s a few reasons why:


Thicker, pub-style burgers can sometimes be just too much. They’re all about the meat, with patty size being prioritised over flavour, dominating and overshadowing the rest of the ingredients instead of bringing them together. With thin, smash-style burgers, it’s more of a balancing act. The meat’s still the star player, but it works together with other fresh vegetables, sauce and seasoning. More flavour, less grease… it makes for a better burger.


If cooked right, smashed patties will develop a deliciously golden and crunchy crust. A good smashed patty is hard to find, but done properly, you’ll can hold on to all of that delicious drip while adding in a bit of crispiness. Our chefs know this, and work to maximise that juicy taste.


At Christo’s, we smash our patties to make sure they’re the same size as the bun they sit on. This means every bite is as good as the last. But just because our patties are smashed doesn’t mean you’re not getting enough meat – if anything, the size is perfect, complementing the other ingredients rather than overwhelming them.



If it’s your first time trying smashed-style patties, leave it to the experts! You can explore our burger range and full menu here, or drop by our Landsdale HQ to say hello!

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